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Home foam fenders D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

SKU: FoamFenders Sling type-3045


Evergreen Polyurethane Foam Filled Fenders is a floating type compression fender that used lightweight and highly elastic EVA foam as a cushioning medium, The floating foam fender is very safe to use, and there is no risk of blasting. Even if the outer skin is damaged, it will not sink. It can still maintain basic functions until you can repair it.

Excellent energy absorption performance and coupled with low reaction force makes berthing operations easier-especially in difficult conditions. The Evergreen floating foam fenders are very suitable for dock, especially dock with large tidal range. In other hand, it’s also efficient for ship-to-ship(STS) operations and bridge pier protection.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

In recent years, a new type of spraying polyurethane (polyurea) technology has been invented by Evergreen to make the surface of the foam filled fender anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant. It can adapt to various harsh weather environments, reducing the resultant force acted upon the wharf/vessel at the point of contact.

  • Foam filled fenders -netted type

Foam filled fenders -netted type

Evergreen Foam Filled Fenders’ parameters are available in diameters from 500 mm to 4,500 mm and lengths from 800 mm to 10,600 mm, Depends on the different used and applications,the fenders could be installed with a two or four point mounting system. Standard colors of foam filled fenders are black and orange, if any special requests from our customers we are willing to offer personal options for colors.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

The use of memory foams for the fender core, which have high compressive strengths, results in an ability to absorb a great deal of energy during marine operations. This is complemented by low reaction forces, making berthing operations easier – especially in difficult conditions.

Users also gain peace of mind from knowing that the closed cell structure of the foams used means that these fenders are virtually unsinkable and will keep functioning – even if damaged beyond viable repair.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

Evergreen Maritime is China leading manufacturer of high performance foam filled fenders, floating fenders for the marine and offshore industry.

Evergreen netless foam filled fenders is one kind tough heavy-duty floating fenders system for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship application. Evergreen foam fenders are able to absorb 40% more energy than similar sized pneumatic rubber fenders, with relatively gently reaction force as compared to other marine fenders system.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

Advantages of Evergreen Netless Foam Filled Fenders

Evergreen foam filled fenders are constructed with closed-cell, energy absorbing resilient foam laminated layers, nylon filament reinforced, tough polyurethane skin. This construction offers a number of important features and advantages.

●  High energy absorption and low reaction force
●  Wide range of standard and customer size
●  Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin
●  Unsinkable design even if skin is punctured
●  Low Maintenance
●  Easy installation
●  Burst Resistance

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

Construction of Evergreen Netless Foam Filled Fenders

Evergreen foam filled fenders are fabricated with closed-cell resilient foam filled, with tough polyurethane elastomer skin, reinforced with nylon filament.

Ever-Guard Foam Filled Fenders Construction

Evergreen Foam Filled Fenders Construction

a.  Evergreen foam filled fenders are filled with highest quality 100% closed-cell foam. This specific foam can provide high energy absorption with relatively low reaction force. Even the skin was punctured, it also is unsinkable without absorbing water. With our unique laminating process, each foam core is integrity. The foam filled fenders core cannot be ruptured when compressed.

b.  Evergreen netless foam filled fenders skin is constructed of polyurethane elastomer which is reinforced with nylon filament. The polyurethane skin is unique elastomer specifically for fender applications. More thick filaments and elastomer are applied to both ends to better resist the defection and shearing force.

c.  Comprising through central steel tube and external load distribution flanges at each end. Heavy duty internal chain connecting the end fitting through central tube is applied to transmit tensile load through the fender. All end fitting of foam filled fenders are hot-dip-galvanized.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

Performance of Evergreen Netless Foam Filled Fenders

Evergreen netless foam filled fenders are normally supplied with standard capacity. Low reaction capacity, or high capacity also are available upon request.

Diameter x Length Standard Capacity Foam Filled Fenders
Metric English Energy Absorption
at 60% Compression
Reaction Force
at 60% Compression
(mm) (ft) (ft-kips) (ton-m) (kip) (ton)
700×1500 2.3×4.9 19 3 30 13
1000×1500 3.3×4.9 35 5 39 17
1000×2000 3.3×6.5 50 7 57 26
1200×2000 3.9×6.5 67 10 63 28
1350×2500 4.4×8.2 112 16 94 42
1500×3000 4.9×9.8 171 24 130 59
1700×3000 5.6×9.8 208 29 139 63
2000×3500 6.5×11.5 335 47 190 86
2000×4000 6.5×13.1 398 56 226 102
2000×4500 6.5×14.7 460 64 261 118
2500×4000 8.2×13.1 591 82 269 122
2500×5500 8.2×18.0 885 123 402 182
3000×6000 9.8×19.7 1365 189 516 234
3300×4500 10.8×14.7 1105 153 380 172
3300×6500 10.8×21.4 1786 248 614 279

— Note: Other sizes and capacity models, high capacity, extra high capacity, are vailable up to customers’ requirements.

D3000×L4500 Foam Filled Fenders (Sling type3045)

All Evergreen Maritime Ever-Guard netless foam filled fenders are manufactured comply with US Navy and Coast Guard specification, and PIANC Guidelines.